Conversations & Tributes.............


"This Art is off-the hook! "


"Ultra high-end presentation of the pieces..... museum quality all the way." 


"Just wanted to say Thank you so much for the awesome painting! Bill & I love it! It looks great w/our decor. I love all of your artwork (and the titles for each painting, as well).  You can really see the paint texture.  It's so cool, how it changes a little with the light variations as it goes from morning to evening.

Thank you also for the encouraging words in the note you enclosed with the piece.  Wish you much continued success!"  (purchased Fall 3, Stand 4) 


"Truly authentic & original work.  Bravo"!


"Some of the most inspiring work I've seen in quite sometime".


The colors, they move they pop they soothe

they speak

the texture it grabs, it turns it juts it pulls

me in

to a place

i like to call joy

overwhelming inspiration

it settles it erupts, it shows that there is beauty

out of the darkness, out of pain

darkness with joy is so much beauty

so much more

it soul

it mind

the joy, the love

red gold moss

it conquers all

My heart rests in this "peace" of art as it hangs in my home and inspires my soul and all who come here.  Thank you for expressing a piece of yourself, so that it can be a beautiful reminder to me of all the amazing , meaningful elements in this life and beyond.  Thank you for letting your inspiration inspire me and all who come to rest and enjoy its presence and life.  (purchased 9 -14 #1 & 9-14 #2)  


"Very rare to find an artist who produces works that are sleek & contemporary but also have deeply primitive elements to them.  This is not something one can learn, it is a raw, innate talent. "


"I am Ridiculously Amazed!"


"I can do might not look exactly like that, but I can do that". 


"Her pieces connect with a place in your soul and evoke emotions at many levels."


"I never liked contemporary art, but I like this."


"Emerging artist? Seems as if Kimberley has done this all her life.  Just need to decide which art piece I want to purchase before the prices go up"!


"I don't know what you call this stuff but I want some".


"Logo is genius".


"This artists' art is insane.  Love it "!


"You are amazing! Absolutely beautiful work! Wow!"

I am not shy when it comes to telling people that Kimberley Alexander is my favorite artist. Every time I see an art piece from her, I am in complete awe. One could only imagine my reaction when my best friends presented me with my own. I have never received a gift quite like this and I melted inside. Knowing how much energy, time, thought, and heart was put into this canvas overwhelmed me. To some it may be a painting but to me, it represents the value of friendship, the depth of love, and the unbelievable talent of Kimberly Alexander.

The personal touch that went into my piece, Jubar, is apparent. The selection of colors, the textures, and the layers create a wonder to look at. It seems that every day I find a new intricate piece that I did not notice before. Having been created with me in mind is a visual compliment as well: the brightness, the glitter, the complexity of something so beautiful. I am flattered. Thank you for such a timeless piece!